Not all foams are the same!

Not all foams are created equal. Be sure that you use only genuine Demilec manufactured foams.

Demilec take pride in delivering a product which has been manufactured using the highest grade materials available and by following the strictest of quality control procedures.

Unscrupulous insulation contractors have falsely represented lower grade materials as being the same as Demilec products or as being actual Demilec products.

In a way this is a compliment, however Demilec spray foam insulation systems are unique and have no equal 

Insulation contractors who are not fully trained and authorised by us are not permitted to install Demilec products! To clarify whether your contractor is authorised by us please contact us and provide us with their company details.

Demilec products are delivered to contractors in 55 gallon barrels. Each barrel will have a factory fitted sticker indicating the type of product contained, its lot number and date of manufacture.

Customers who have suspicions about the origin of their foam, should contact us to arrange for scientific analysis of the foam to be carried out. Furthermore, we encourage all customers to contact us in advance to register your install, to ensure the use of Demilec products.