Spray Foam Insulation Rigs

Whether you own a large van, luton body or full size truck, we can provide a fully fitted rig to suit your needs and budget.

Important information for contractors

We at Demilec are aware that some suppliers are offering to put new rigs together for as little as £15,000. We have many years experience in the spray foam business and know that it is impossible to construct a properly sized rig at this price. We would encourage prospective clients to carefully research what equipment they need before entering into any agreement. Remember that the spray foam business depends on a high yield from the chemicals in order to maximise profits. Cheaper proportioning equipment often struggles to maintain the high temperatures that are required in order to maximise yield. If in doubt, please contact our equipment division for more information.


Rig 1

The larger type rig has a seperate compartment for the generator/compressor which provides a quieter working environment.

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Rig 2

This rig type houses the generator/compressor in the same compartment as the proportioning equipment and is more suitable for urban environments, where access to the worksite may be limited.

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Rig 3

Utilising the latest technology, the newest addition to our range of rigs is compact enough to fit into a panel van.

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