Rig 1

The larger type rig has a seperate compartment for the generator/compressor which provides a quieter working environment.

Demilec have been building spray foam rigs of the highest quality for over a decade. Our spray foam rigs were designed by engineers and applicators with decades of experience between them.  We have learned from experience and every floor plan was designed with job performance in mind. These rigs are available in a wide range of systems including trucks, trailers and modular components.  Our design team also has custom solutions available. Demilec is confident that we have developed the optimal layout and combination of equipment that provides you with the best tools to meet the demanding needs of the spray foam market. All rigs are available as a single or twin proportioner rig. Unlike most spray foam rig manufacturers, all single proportioner rigs can be upgraded with a second proportioner without the purchase of new generators, compressors or other cost prohibitive accessories.