Rig 2

This rig type houses the generator/compressor in the same compartment as the proportioning equipment and is more suitable for urban environments, where access to the worksite may be limited.

Turnkey packages are available to customers who want the ultimate rig. Alternatively, you may provide the rig chassis and we will carry out the conversion to your specification.

Our level of input depends entirely on you. All equipment used in rig manufacture is of the highest quality and is designed ergonomically to maximise floor space and create an efficient working environment.

Below is a sample of the Optimal Combination of Equipment. Contact us for more detailed information.

  • Graco Reactor E-30 15.3Kw  (Large heaters ensure maximum profitability by minimizing yield loss and long start ups).
  • Graco Heated Spray Hose: 200’
  • Graco Heated Whip: 10’
  • Graco Fusion Spray Gun
  • Demilec Recirculation System
  • Graco T1 Transfer Pumps
  • Grovhac Electric Agitator
  • Air Systems Filtration Panel (Respiratory System)
  • Bullard Breathing Hose 200’
  • Bullard High Pressure Hood
  • Bullard AC1000  (Belt mounted Air Conditioner which can decrease air temp into the hood by as much as 30 degrees)