Fusion CS

A Revolution in plural component spray guns.
Graco's Fusion spray guns apply everything from polyurea and polyurethane coatings to spray foam.

The new Fusion guns are designed for less maintenance and downtime, longer life and a better mix. All this gives you optimal performance and high productivity and makes Fusion the best plural-component spray gun you'll ever use. Pick one up and experience the revolution!

FusionCSPlural-Component Spray Gun with ClearShot™ Technology

The new ClearShot Technology sets the Graco Fusion CS gun apart from every other spray foam gun. With its revolutionary technology, the Fusion CS is poised to virtually eliminate drilling of the mixing chamber - increasing your spraying uptime and reducing time spent on maintenance. Designed for both foam and polyurea applications, this gun provides you with versatile advantages.

  • Screw-in-place side seals
  • Chemical-resistant front cover
  • Manual on/off valves
  • Chromex™-coated side seals/Mix chambers
  • Faster trigger response
  • "Air Knife"
  • Lightweight
  • Less material blow-back

Technology that lets you spray all day

spraygun fusionCS-3spraygun fusionCS-4

ClearShot Technology sets the Fusion CS gun apart from all other spray guns. The secret of the revolutionary ClearShot Technology is the blue, non-toxic ClearShot Liquid. ClearShot Liquid is contained in a disposable, non-reusable cartridge, which is easily inserted into the gun’s ergonomic handle. Every time the trigger is pulled, ClearShot Liquid dispenses into the mixing chamber and dissolves any built-up chemical - keeping it clean. Each cartridge contains about 1,500 trigger shots (pulls) a day, allowing you to work through one to two kits of spray foam.

  • Virtually eliminates drilling of the mix chamber – increasing spraying uptime and reducing downtime spent on maintenance
  • Maintains patterns and maximizes each kit with a clean mix chamber, saving time and money on material
  • Benefits daily and annual productivity

spraygun fusionCS-5The Graco Fusion Gun has revolutionized the world of Spray Polyurethane Foam with its technical dvances and breakthroughs

  1. New ClearShot Cartridge
    • Keeps gun mix chamber clear
  2. New manifold
    • Easy on/off valves
    • Check valves block fluid flow when manifold is disconnected
    • Quick filter screen change-outs
  3. Variable flow setting
    • Switch from large to small spray patterns in seconds
    • Ten different settings
  4. Industry-first quick-change front end
    • Swap out fluid head in seconds
    • Non-stick polymer cover for easy cleanup
    • "Air Knife" reduces material buildup
  5. Liquid purge
    • Reduces purge air by 75%, minimizing material blowback
    • Gain flexibility and maneuverability to spray in small tight areas
  6. Chromex-coated side seals and mix chamber
    • More resistance to corrosion and wear
    • Save time and money in replacements over the long-term
  7. Screw in place side seals
    • Overall maintenance is quicker and simpler
    • Fewer o-rings ensure better crossover protection and keep appropriate mix and proportions of material for better end results
  8. Faster/shorter trigger pull
    • Responsive trigger delivers quick shots
    • Diminishes operator fatigue

Maximum Output

45 lb/min (11.3 kg/min)

Minimum Output

< 1 lb/min (< 0.45 kg/min)

Max Fluid Working Pressure

3500 psi (240 bar, 24.0 MPa)

Purge Method

Air purge




Settings new standards in the spray foam industry, the Fusion CS Gun is one of the most versatile guns available today.

When talking about which spray foam or coatings applications are best suited for the Graco Fusion CS Gun, the answer is going to be high volume applications in the following situations:



h40Residential Spray Foam Insulation

This Fusion CS foam spray gun is suitable for all foam insulation jobs of all sizes, especially due to its variable flow feature. The ability to change the flow rate comes in handy since all construction has large and small cavities. With a traditional gun, everything is sprayed with the same mixing chamber since it’s an effort to change the chambers. Obviously, this is not necessary with the new Fusion CS.


h40Commercial Building Insulation

Due to the ClearShot Technology, the Fusion CS will deliver the daily throughput that’s critical in today’s large-scale and competitive environment. The ClearShot technology allows for longer service intervals, which reduces labor requirements and costs


spray fusioncSpray Foam Roofing

Staying on ratio and keeping up productivity is easy with the Graco Fusion CS. Long service intervals, combined with the ability to reduce flow rate for detail work, make this spray gun a winner




spray fusionPolyurea and other Coatings

Low blow-back and variable flow rates are a major advantage when it comes to coating applications

This Graco Fusion CS Gun is one of the most dynamic in the industry with its ability to spray foam all the way to caulks and adhesives

  • Spray Foam
  • Polyurea coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Caulks