A word from satisfied customers

I want to let you know how happy we are with HEATLOK SOY and SEALECTION Agribalance. My sprayers absolutely love the products. We have tried just about every spray foam that is out there in the 4+ years that we have been spraying, and nothing compares to the Demilec products. Not that we would ever change products, but if I did change, my crews would mutiny on me! I can’t say enough about both the product itself, and the support that we receive from both our territory manager and the engineers regarding technical issues. I have never had to wait more than a day to get an answer to any question or to get a letter for a specific type of application from the engineers. Usually the response time is within the hour. That is great service! It is nice to work with a company that backs up everything they say, and I am impressed. Keep up the good work, we truly do appreciate it!

Jane Johnson
Insulation Contractor


At the end of the day, we could not be more pleased with our choice of SEALECTION 500 as the perfect product for our unique insulation needs.

John Stuart, Homeowner 


We are so happy with the results – our garage has stayed very comfortable even during the extra warm days that we have had

Bennie & Landy Westphal, Homeowners


My three daughters have no concept of saving energy at their young age even with me turning off all the lights behind them and shutting doors constantly (I have a heated garage and its always open in winter because they are so excited to ride bikes and play, they leave the door open!), when we can all get on board of saving electricity, the bills will be lower! I’m a home builder with 23 years of experience and it’s what I put in my home…and no, its not for sale!!!

Cliff Ivey, Homeowner