Superior Energy Efficient Designs (SEED)

A small investment of extra time and money will pay dividends over the lifetime of the building

Superior Energy Efficient Designs (SEED), is a concept to deliver maximum energy efficiency in buildings, through airtight design and minimal thermal bridging. Customers can contact our architectural services department to find out more about how smart construction detailing used in conjunction with Demilec foam, will lead to reductions in utility bills and increased  occupant comfort levels.

SEED detailing may also be incorporated in retrofit or refurbishment works, where a significant improvement in thermal and air-tightness performance is required. Demilec offer a SEED solution which is specifically tailored to suit masonry, steel and timber frame structures. On larger projects, our architectural service department can help in the evolution of design, from concept stage through to completion.

Below you can see a number of construction details which show how Demilec foam may be used to insulate, air seal and reduce the thermal bridging of a structure