SEALECTION Agribalance®

SEALECTION Agribalance®  takes our best selling Sealection 500 foam to the next level. An evolution of the formula for Sealection 500 foam, Agribalance boasts an improved thermal conductivity and is made using renewable vegetable oils. 

Sealection Agribalance by Demilec represents the future of insulation in the UK. With its renewable content and the lowest thermal conductivity of any open cell foam on the market, Sealection Agribalance is the obvious choice for both environmentally and financially savvy customers.

Agribalance retains all of the characteristics of its Sealection 500 sister. High expansion rates ensure that all gaps, cracks and penetrations are sealed. The airtight nature of the foam results in draught proofed buildings, and because the foam is spray applied, unparalleled levels of insulation continuity are achieved.