Heatlok Soy is a closed cell polyurethane foam which is manufatured using soy beans and recycled plastic bottles. Boasting a low thermal conductivity, it is the ideal choice where external application or water vapour retention are required. 





Heatlok soy's rigid structure makes it suitable for external application as a drain plain and insulation. It may also be used in areas of traffic, where open cell foams would be susceptible to damage. Heatlok Soy expands approximately 30 times its liquid volume and acts as a thermal, vapour and air barrier. 


Typical applications include:

• Basement Walls
• Agricultural buildings
• Ship’s hull, bulkheads and decks
• Shipping Containers
• Storage and Fuel tanks
• Portal frames
• Between Radiant-Heated Floors
• Crawl Spaces
• Exterior Walls
• Foundation Exteriors
• Swimming Pools
• Wine Cellars