Open cell foam insulation. Breathable, yet airtight. Sealection 500 has a proven track record as a highly efficient insulant.

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SEALECTION Agribalance®

SEALECTION Agribalance®  takes our best selling Sealection 500 foam to the next level. An evolution of the formula for Sealection 500 foam, Agribalance boasts an improved thermal conductivity and is made using renewable vegetable oils. 

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Heatlok Soy is a closed cell polyurethane foam which is manufatured using soy beans and recycled plastic bottles. Boasting a low thermal conductivity, it is the ideal choice where external application or water vapour retention are required. 

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Our new Heatlok Soy-200 takes up the running from the popular Heatlok foam. New additions include an increased renewable content and an improved thermal conductivity. All the features of the original Heatlok formula are retained and of course, the new product does not contain any ozone depleting blowing agents.

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Pour In Place Foams

Pour in place (PIP) foams by Demilec represent the latest development in slow rise, cavity fill polyurethane foam technology.

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Polyurea Coating Systems

Demilec polyurea products are a hard wearing, waterproof coating used commonly in industrial roof applications. Their fast reactivity and relative insensitivity to moisture make them useful coatings for large surface area projects, such as secondary containment, manhole and tunnel coatings, tank liners, and truck bed liners. Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel is obtained with the proper primer and surface treatment.

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Demilec are widely regarded as pioneers in the open-cell foam insulation industry. Years spent in research and development has yielded a product range which is unsurpassed in the business. As the UK distributor of Demilec products, we strive to maintain and promote the high quality standards that Demilec have established.

Our product range includes both open and closed cell polyurethane foams, pour in place foams and polyurea coatings. Whatever your insulation or sealing needs, we have a product suitable for you.

After browsing the product information on the website, feel free to contact a technical service representative to discuss your particular project.