Polyurea Coating Systems

Demilec polyurea products are a hard wearing, waterproof coating used commonly in industrial roof applications. Their fast reactivity and relative insensitivity to moisture make them useful coatings for large surface area projects, such as secondary containment, manhole and tunnel coatings, tank liners, and truck bed liners. Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel is obtained with the proper primer and surface treatment.

Our polyurea coatings are known as Premtec U-200. These spray applied polyureas are strong, yet flexible. Polyurea products cure quickly and provide a seamless covering which is water resistant and will withstand a high level of surface impact. The flexible nature of the polyurea allows for expansion and contraction of the surface in tandem with the building, through a range of climatic conditions. In order to preserve the appearance and integrity of the polyurea, an aliphatic polyurea topcoat is recommended. This enhances UV stability and counters color changes or superficial oxidation. Standard colors can be achieved with factory added pigments.


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