Pour In Place Foams

Pour in place (PIP) foams by Demilec represent the latest development in slow rise, cavity fill polyurethane foam technology.

The open cell variant is known as Sealection PIP. This is a low density open cell foam which is suitable for use in dry environments and where it is necessary to use a breathable insulation material. Typical applications include existing enclosed spaces such as wall studs and ceiling cavities. This type of product is installed by authorised contractors through the drilling of holes at pre-determined spacing in the surface of the cavity face. The PIP foam is then carefully injected into the cavity and is allowed to rise and cure before any additional injections are carried out.                                            



Our closed cell formula of PIP foam is known as ECO-PUR. This formula is similar to our Heatlok Soy products. The resulting foam is a water and vapour barrier and can be used to control dampness in existing buildings. The low thermal conductivity of this product also ensures that a continuously well insulated building envelope is achieved.  

ECO-PUR PIP is typically used in applications such as:

  • Wall Injection
  • Flotation materials
  • Insulating Panels