SEALECTION® 500 is spray-applied as a liquid and expands up to 120 times its volume within seconds to fill all cracks, gaps and voids to provide an insulation and air barrier in a single application.  SEALECTION 500 is an open cell spray foam that decreases dust and air pollutants, minimises noise and maximises energy efficiency by reducing air leakage from your home.

SEALECTION 500 is a proven insulation, with over 20 years of history in North America, and will not sag, settle, deteriorate or decompose. Future generations can count on SEALECTION 500 to deliver the same performance as the day it is installed. SEALECTION 500 is a great choice for today’s energy conscious homeowner.

DEMILEC proudly supports Architects, Engineers, and building professionals.  It is our goal to ensure that design professionals are educated on the benefits of spray foam insulation as well as introducing new and innovative uses for DEMILEC’s many evolving spray polyurethane technologies.

SEALECTION® 500 gives architects the freedom of design as it conforms to any geometrical shape to form an airtight and thermally efficient envelope. 

Our technical department have developed a number of working drawings which are of use to architects when addressing the issues of thermal bridging, airtightness and continuity of insulation.


The speed of application of Sealection foam is a key benefit to the building contractor.

Our Contractors will work around other trades on site and can fully insulate a  standard residential unit in as little as a day. Sealection foam is also an air barrier. This means that contractors can achieve air tightness without the costly and time consuming process of fitting an air tight membrane to the building.

In addition, the expanding nature of Sealection, makes it the ideal choice to insulate around service penetrations, hard to reach areas, or for the retrofit of existing buildings.

Our products represent the most cost effective method of meeting the ever increasing requirements of the building regulations in relation to U values and air-tightness

Continuity of insulation, low U values, draught proofing, no ozone depleting content - Just some of the advantages of Sealection foam insulation.

Demilec insulation is only installed by fully trained and certified contractors. Homeowners are assured that the insulation has been installed in accordance with the design. The unknown factor of unskilled labour is removed from the construction process. All contractors must adhere to our "InSeal Rite" quality assurance programme.

Our contractors are happy to discuss the particular requirements of your project and can make recommendations not only on the most suitable product to meet these needs, but also on design detailing that will result in an energy efficient building.