Acoustic Insulation

In addition to providing an airtight breathable structure, Sealection also carries a sound absorption class C. 

Following tests carried out to EN ISO 354: 2003, and evaluation to EN ISO 11654 Sealection has an Alpha w (weighted sound absorption coefficient) of 0.70 making it a highly absorptive material.

Sound absorption is measured using the sound absorption coefficient alpha (α), which has a value between 0 and 1.00. Zero represents no absorption (total reflection), and 1.00 represents total absorption of the incident sound. 

EN ISO 11654 is used as a method for converting a wide frequency based range of sound absorption coefficient values into a single number but this is done using a curve fitting process. Although more complex to derive, Alpha w is considered to be more representative of how the human ear interprets sound. The method is fully described in EN ISO 11654