Architect Services

Demilec provide Architects with updated information and important insights into the impact of spray foam insulation on building performance and environmental protection.

In addition to the thermal performance of spray foam insulation, we look at a variety of factors that architects should consider when designing their buildings. These factors include semi-rigid foam technologies in various areas of the building construction. The basic building sciences of residential construction regarding air infiltration, water vapour permeance, and proper Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning sizing are also addressed by us. Concerns regarding indoor air quality and proliferation of moulds and mildews will also be addressed.

Architects may contact us to find out more about how Demilec can help in the following areas:

• Moisture Control
• Indoor Air Quality
• Sound Attenuation
• Overall Comfort
• Appropriateness of rigid and semi-rigid spray foam technologies in different parts of the structure
• Performance qualities of spray foam insulation on air infiltration and water vapour permeance
• Proper HVAC sizing