Demilec UK are proud to present Sealection Agribalance® a new breed of open cell spray foam insulation.

Sealection Agribalance® is fully certified by the BBA and is guaranteed for lifeSealection Agribalance® is made using renewable content and contains no VOC's, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs, Formaldehyde or any other ozone depleting substances. It is the ideal solution for making buildings airtight, whilst allowing the building to breathe. Boasting excellent thermal and acoustic performance. We offer a nationwide service with all work guaranteed, and carried out by fully trained, certified and insured applicators.

For use as wall insulation, attic insulation, roof insulation, floor insulation and acoustic insulation. It is suitable for insulating residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. 

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Traditional building practice tends to focus on the U value or Thermal conductivity of building insulation. This U value method is a simple calculation of how long it will take a heat source to travel from the warm side of the insulation through to the cold side. Such calculations are laboratory based and take no account of the practicalities of construction.

There are many factors which affect the actual U value achieved by a building, as opposed to the design U value. These include:

  • Complex design shapes
  • Difficulties in cutting and fitting insulation exactly
  • Joints in insulation boards/rolls
  • Expansion/contraction of the building over time
  • Thermal bridging of the building's components
  • Penetrations for services 

Modern building practice and regulations are only now beginning to take account of the importance of air-tightness in construction. Independent tests have shown that heat loss through air infiltration can account for 40% of a building's total heat loss. The factors highlighted above can all have a serious impact on the air-tightness properties of a building.

Demilec have, through years of research, developed a range of products and construction methods which will achieve not only a high level of thermal performance, but will also enhance the air-tightness of a building, whilst maintaining a healthy air change rate for its inhabitants.