Architects & Builders

We deliver energy efficient design without compromise. Freedom of design with spray foam insulation is a certainty, as it conforms to every geometric shape.

Some of the benefits of Demilec spray foam insulation
  • Provides a seamless, airtight envelope
  • Eliminates air filtration, improving indoor air quality and stopping draughts
  • Helps control moisture and condensation
  • Reduces convective currents in walls and attics
  • Effective at low and high temperatures
  • Helps maintain a comfortable, constant, temperature throughout the building, from room to room and floor to floor
  • Heating, Ventillation & Air Conditioning equipment can be down-sized, thereby reducing construction and running costs
  • It will never shrink, settle, sag, degrade or crack.
  • With correct design it can eliminate the need for separate vapour barrier
  • Helps conserve energy, reducing CO2 emissions
  • Reduces structural damage caused by high winds
  • Does not off-gas or contain any formaldehyde or ozone depleting substances