Insulation Contractors

We are committed to developing a team of successful Authorised Contractors by supplying the highest quality products and combining extensive training together with the latest technology in the polyurethane industry. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to develop a profitable business, by providing correct advice to customers, enabling the construction of healthy, energy efficient buildings and homes

With the cost of energy on the rise; builders, architects and home owners are looking for innovative products to construct energy efficient buildings. Spray foam Insulation products manufactured by DEMILEC have the highest insulating properties of any foam on the market, low air leakage rates and have a high and consistant yield. 

We provide you with

  • Full Marketing Support, including Trade Shows and a free website
  • Innovative Sales Training
  • Unlimited Technical Assistance
  • Lead Generation
  • Assistance with tendering
  • Architectural & Building Science support